n.b. Whisper


was built by Warble Narrowboats Ltd and launched at Warble Wharf, Hyde, Cheshire on Monday 29th March 1999. Since then she has been based at the Thames & Kennet Marina, Caversham, Berkshire. You may see us out and about on the Thames or the Kennet in the Reading/Oxford/Henley areas.

Give us a wave or pop in for a chat and a cuppa (or something stronger ;-))

Whisper was one of the Warble exhibits at the Braunston Boat Show in May '99 and attracted many favourable comments from visitors. In three days we had approximately one thousand people through the boat, and I spoke to just about every one of them!

There is information here on the
technical design and interior design of Whisper, plus links to a number of other waterways-related sites for you to explore and a number of photo galleries featuring Whisper.
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    Evening, near Lechlade

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    Moored on the Upper Thames

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    Sheffield Lock, Theale, K&A

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    Straining under the weight of snow at the Thames & Kennet!

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    Up, up and away at Aldermaston Wharf, K&A

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    Moored above Days Lock, River Thames

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    Big boys toys at the Thames & Kennet

If you wish to go to a suitable starting point to find out more about UK waterways and narrowboating in particular, you could do no better than George's Canal Boating in the UK and Europe.

Whisper was even born we were "founder" members of the 'Blacksheep' canals mailing list (now canals-list@yahoogroups.com) and newsgroup (uk.rec.waterways).

We are members of the Cutweb Internet Boating Club - the first virtual boat club on the Inland Waterways  and the only one to be affiliated to the
AWCC. Click on the logo below to visit the Club's site.
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